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REST: Reconfigurable lower limb Exoskeleton for effective Stroke Treatment in residential settings 


Kick off meeting


 The research teams at the University of Leeds hold a kick off meeting and discuss the future work plan.


The minutes is attached.


Regular Project meeting


Researchers from the King's College London and the University of Leeds meet together and discuss the structure design of  ankle exoskeleton

PRof Dai lecture.jpg

Upcoming Events


The IEEE UKI RAS Chapter Prestegious Lecture is provided by Professor Jian Dai (Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of ASME and Fellow of IMechE), Chair Professor of Mechanisms and Robotics, KCL.

In this prestigious lecture, Prof Jian Dai will introduce the theoretical development and the technological innovation in robotics, and present the reconfigurable mechanisms and robots that are entailed by kinematics. The intrinsic theory in the study of kinematics has laid a foundation for the development of reconfigurable mechanisms and various forms of robots, leading to 20 years of innovation in metamorphic mechanisms, reconfigurable robots and evolutionary robots.

Professor Jian Dai wins 2020 ASME Machine Design Award

Congratulations to Prof. Jian Dai, Professor of Mechanisms and Robotics at King’s College London, who has been awarded this year’s prestigious ASME Machine Design Award for his “pioneering contributions in establishing the field of reconfigurable mechanisms and the subfield of metamorphic mechanisms; and for making a lasting impact through research, application, teaching and service that have made it possible to bridge the gap between versatile but expensive robots and efficient but nonflexible machines.”

prodai 2.png

The award is the highest in the field of machine design and Prof. Dai becomes the first UK national and the 58th recipient to receive the award in it’s 62-year history.

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